Friday, 24 October 2008

Gutted like a fish....

What no pike? Grrrrrrr!

I decided to sneak a couple of hours this morning before the world got going... and knowing that the weather is going to be very wet tomorrow I decided on an early start.

All tackled up I decided to use THAT pattern again! and had a few casts across the reeds... nothing, so on to the next peg and cast into the corner. What happened next is truly amazing... I did a half roll cast to get some line out onto the water and in the time it took me to strip a couple of times from the reel my fly was in the centre of a seething, writhing mass of pike... I played the pike for what must have been 30 seconds perhaps more but not longer than a minute. I saw the pike twist and writhe on the end of the line and I was captivated by this leviathan from the deep.

I made one fatal error and one that I have beaten myself up about all day... I had too much clutch on the reel... the result is sickening... the leader failed at the knot between the mono and the supratress. I lost my fish... size? Unimportant... but much larger than last week's 10lber - maybe sneaking up to 16/17lb mark... perhaps larger. Who knows?

I now have a wet Saturday lined up in front of the vice to make up clones of THAT fly and a few wire traces as well... whilst I lick my wounds!


JayMorr said...

Man I am jealous! Nice read for sure.

Have a great weekend! I will be hitting big lake trout shortly!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Am sure though if you go back to that same spot soon it will be somewhere in the same vacinity.
I know how you feel though.
Have a top weekend anyway

Mike Ashcroft said...

Unlucky Dave! Our angling memories and excitememt are fuelled by experiences such as this; not just the fish we catch but the fish we see and never manage to tempt or fool and the ones that evade capture. A little tip regarding Fly-fishing for Esox. Don't use mono my friend. Attaching mono leaders to canelle superstress wire is a bad idea. I know superstress has plenty of braid in it to protect the mono but the wire will eventually damage the mono. You can use tiny rig rings but again i wouldn't. Try using some braid preferably a sinking braid like the types barbel anglers use if you are using sinking flies.
Go back and get that big girl!