Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New waters and new flies...

What have I done since I last posted on the blog?

The last time I was out I missed a large pike as it swirled around my fly, but in some ways it didn’t matter. I have found myself exploring new waters with and without the rod and perhaps over the next year or so there will be some surprises both for me and the pike.

New waters have led me from rural settings to those where the industrial revolution carved a straight line in the land and filled it with water for barge traffic. I think it’ll take me a while to crack that one!

Fly production has been varied and I’ve come back to having a go with the surf candy… this one is a play on a pikelet! I wonder whether it’ll catch a Grandma?

Looking forward to a day on the river on the 16th… start of the coarse season


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Love the image of the bridge David.

Anonymous said...

Hey the pics and the fly is top notch. Dave Lindsay has a good step by step of a good fly over on his site to check out. Head over to my blogg and let me know what you think....pike adventures...Ken