Friday, 9 October 2009

'bow tastic bonus!

The recent rains saw a favourite water of mine muddied up a touch and with a south east wind that cut through me I decided the pain wasn't going to be worth it... I still did my rounds but no takers.

I therefore decided to give it best and drive to another venue!
My investigations into this water told me that there were a head of pike at this venue and yes the wind was the same biting wind at the first but at least the water quality was better. My first few casts gave me a take and a miss on the floating line and nothing much else apart from a lost fly... as it happened it was my recent best catcher... doh, how I hate new venues! I decided to move to a mark that enabled me to cast out towards the corner of the water and into the margins as well. Having lost best fly I chose to fish a pink bucktail hollow tied fly... a few casts in I was getting a follow and then a hit... not from a pike but from this greedy 'bow! I didn't weigh him but guess he was the 3 -4lbs mark. I was taken aback by this capture... I will say that the fish gave up pretty quickly on the 9/10 weight rod!
A few casts later I decided to try a red and white marabou creation tied on a size 1 hook. This fly was rigged on my second rod loaded with the Guideline pike sink tip... three casts in a lovely take close in gave me this handsome specimen at 4 - 5lbs.
Now I guess I'll be hitting this venue again!

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