Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Tactical Pike - Mike Ladle: Busted at Xmas!!!

Undercover photo of the cover!

Have you ever had a sneak preview of your Christmas presents? Mmmm... me too! Well this Christmas I've got on my list Mike Ladle's new book Tactical Pike Fishing. My wife ordered it and it arrived in the office today... guess what? I flicked through it and it looks a storming read... you wouldn't expect less from Mike.

I think I've been busted tho' as the envelope was opened along with the bubble wrap! Honest I haven't read a single word... that'll be when the parents and in-laws are chatting and the kids are fighting on Christmas Day. Me in the study and the book... BLISS!

I'll report back on Boxing Day!


kcon93 said...

I know you shouldn't judge a book by a cover, but he could have got a better picture lol

David Edwards said...

Yes, the moral is don't judge a book by its cover... I've seen some great looking books that have been a dire read!

I read Mike Ladle's website most days and use it as a continual source of reference... my fishing turned the corner courtesy of Mike.