Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Jackpot in Mexico with Paul Procter

All images are copyright Paul Procter 2010

I’m grateful to Paul Procter (AAPGAI Master casting instructor, Orvis fly fishing consultant and Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide) for allowing me to show these photos (please don’t copy them- they are his!).

So what’s the deal? Paul became a Bug-Bond user shortly before the trip he was hosting in Mexico at the beginning of the month. I was asked how quickly I could get Bug-Bond to him and the answer from me was “Next day!” I can’t remember whether I rang Paul or he rang me but suffice to say he was happy with the material… so in addition to tying flies up with Bug-Bond he repaired old epoxy flies by cracking heads off and replacing them with Bug-Bond.

The above photos are an indication of the species they hooked into and all those photographed were taken with Bug-Bond built flies…

I’ve sneaked in and taken the glory as he hasn’t had chance to update his blog yet… it’s worth reading as is his website… and if you fancy going on one of his hosted trips here or abroad I’m sure he’ll be happy to accommodate you!




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Esox Fever said...

Very nice pictures!! I do like specilly the snook, awsome fish.