Sunday, 20 June 2010

Stonefly - just an awesome tie!

I can't believe that the Dutch Fly Fair was 3 weeks ago... it seems an age away, yet just like yesterday. One of the people I had the pleasure of meeting was Johan Put... a great tyer and full of fun.
Johan had a terrific stand of realistics at the show and he decided that he wanted to become a Bug-Bond believer... this is an excerpt from an email I received from him tonight together with the attached image:

"I bought the Bug-Bond on the Dutch Fly Fair, but have to wait until today before I can test it.

So today was the test day, first made some baitfish to practice and it works great, no more messing around whit epoxy and have a lot of waste which always happen to me.

Then the big test for the wing cases of the stonefly, normally it take me about 30 minutes to create them and them let then dry over night for the best result whit the soft body.

Now it took me about 10 minutes to create and can use it directly.

I put some very tin layers on the nymph tool to built up some nice realistic wing cases.

Now I can show people how I made the wing cases on shows and tying demo’s.

The legs are broom bristles how are thicken up on spots also whit the Bug-Bond.
And the eyes are to.

So the Bug-Bond has proved it self to me, I have some more ideas but to little time.
You be hearing from me again whit some new bug bond flies." Johan Put - Netherlands

All I can say is the fly is awesome... usually I take the link out of the image or click it to the Bug-Bond site... however, for this fly click the link and just see the attention to detail... WOW!

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