Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Finney's Flies & Operation Mark

I blogged Lawrence Finney back in March or April I think after he'd used Bug-Bond on some of his woven nymph bodies. I met Lawrence for the first time at the Spring Fly Fair in Newark, Notts and was aware by the end of the weekend that his son had had a major accident in 2009... but I wasn't aware of the extent of his injuries from the motorcycle accident that has left him paralysed from the waist down nor the impact I suspect that it has had on the Finney family.

It is probably best left to Lawrence to explain...

"As some of you know my son Mark had a bad accident just over a year ago where he sustained massive injuries,

He damaged his lungs broke all his ribs and shoulder blades and tore open his Aorta, this alone left us with little hope of survival, when we were told that he had broken his back we realised his newly gained qualification as a lifeguard could not be put into practice again.

He has made a remarkable recovery and has returned to training at the gym to try his best to see if he can make some challenge towards a qualification in physical education as this has been his ambition."

Lawrence is selling fly tying materials to help provide for Mark's present and the future needs...

"All proceeds from these sales go directly to my son's fund, it is hoped to raise enough funds to enable us to finish building an extension onto our house so Mark can start to live a more normal life with space to exercise and to enable him to have some reasonable privacy that he so dearly lacks at the moment.

As a fly dresser myself I am deeply humbled with the generous response from friends and colleagues worldwide, the following is a list of what I have to offer . Once again thank you so much for your support"

The list Lawrence refers to is a materials list that can be found on Facebook... you can always contact Lawrence through his website... click the photos above and they'll go to Lawrence's site...

Now to the photos... these are framed flies that Lawrence and many tying friends have set up and will be auctioned through Facebook as well... a possible collector's items of the future or fly fishing ephemera that you might have bought anyway? Bid and win... enjoy it and know that you helped someone in the process.

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