Friday, 22 April 2011

Bug-Bond™ and a first Sailfish

I'm always delighted to hear from Bug-Bond™ users of their catches... it doesn't matter what size it is either. However, I was exceptionally pleased to hear that Tom Gorman (one of our first overseas customers) had caught his first sailfish and Bug-Bond™ had a hand in the catch.

I had hoped to report this a year ago however, Tom's trip to Central America was blighted by a shortage of fish and spit outs. So, this report is all the sweeter! I won't replicate Tom's report here as it can be read on the Globalfisher website.

However, the additional great news is that Tom has used Bug-Bond™ to coat his popperheads to make them longer lasting and also uses Bug-Bond™ on all his fly line connections.

"The Sigler mega heads come in plain white . I coated them with pearl Sparkle-eze... then finished off the eyes and the rest of the head with a nice coating of Bug-Bond: bulletproof and super shiny . You slip the mega head over the shock tippet and seat them on the front part of tube which the fly is tied on...

I used Bug-Bond to cement several loop to loop connections on 10-14 weight fly lines for use in the salt , where you create a loop in braided monofilament, thread the end of the fly line up into it inch-worm style, and then cement it in several locations , with or without a nail knot to reinforce . You make a big loop at the top end (fly line to backing) and a small loop at the bottom end (fly line to butt section) of the fly line .

The alternative glues are UV knot sense, or super glue, but I found that Bug-Bond works better because it penetrates the braided mono with a capillary type action, yet leaves a nice smooth finish – better than UV knot sense – so that the connection shoots nicely through the guides" Tom Gorman

I had the words from Tom post trip to Costa Rica last year but no fish! This year I can match the words with the photo... a well earned catch.

Tom, many congratulations on the capture and release of such a wonderful creature, I am pleased that Bug-Bond™ was able to play its part. Thank you for sharing your moment with us.

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