Monday, 25 July 2011

Rune Stokkebekk (Norway) from Guideline joins the BUG-BOND™ Team!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Rune Stokkebekk from Norway has joined the BUG-BOND™ Pro-Tying Team. I've corresponded with Rune for quite a while now and I felt that as the interest in Scandinavia is increasing we needed to increase the team in that part of Europe... I won't bore you with futile scribblings I'll let Rune tell his story... BUT do watch out for Rune's video's on the net...

"I have been a fly fisherman since I was 14 (in 1988). A friend of mine got this fly tying kit for Christmas and it looked like a nice thing to do. At that time fishing was not a big hobby, skateboarding and skiing was the thing. But our family holidays often went north to the mountains which does not have much asphalt for skating. So I had to do something else, fishing it was. The first years of my fly fishing "career" I fished with worms and fly. As soon as I had fish on the worm I switched to the fly (the day was saved). So it went for a few years until I decided to let the worm stay in the ground and do a serious attempt to learn fly fishing for real. Since I was 18 I have been a dedicated fly fisherman.

I started to tie flies after books and articles in magazines and my youth heroes was persons like Staffan Lindstrøm, Lennart Bergqvist and Pål Krogvold. They are still my heroes in fly fishing and I am grateful of all the knowledge they have passed on to other fishermen.

I live in the south eastern part of Norway. At home most of my fishing is done in large and smaller lakes. After a couple of months I get tired of this and have to seek up running water. I spend 2-3 weeks fishing in rivers each year. The Norwegian winter is very long, a good cure is to take a short flight to Ireland. I have been over there every year since 2003. I love the great western lakes!

Fly fishing has become my profession too. I started to work for Guideline in 2006 and still do. I have my own website as well the address is and it have been there since 2000. I frequently write articles on fly tying for Norwegian magazines."

Welcome aboard Rune!

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