Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fish On! with Chris Sandford

Fish On! with Chris Sandford from BUG-BOND on Vimeo.

We often see flies that have been tied well and sometimes you are left to wonder whether the tyer catches fish with them or whether they are just pretty follies. Well if you have already watched the video you will realise that although a good fly tyer, Chris Sandford is a committed angler... He fishes with a purpose... He doesn't dream follies, he creates flies that catch and catch again! I've had first hand experience of Chris's flies and fly tying... if you ignore his book and DVD "Mayflies & More" I think you may be missing a trick and could rue the day. Your choice... But if one of those 10 patterns could catch you the fish of a lifetime? Mmmm... Hard choice... Especially if THAT fish passes you by. 

OK, I have to get back to tying a catcher... My favourite is the "Bullet" what's yours?

Tight lines!

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