Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fishing is a sport for all!

Fishing could be seen as a somewhat solitary past-time... think of the days you have spent on your own just listening to the deafening quiet as nature surrounds you. Magical! 

Now think of the days that you have shared on the water with a friend, a guide or a loved one... the ability to share that moment is perhaps all the sweeter as you both have an empathy to being at one with nature and pitting your wits against the fish. With the other angler you have become a team and together you work to catch the fish. 

Does it matter whether the team players are male or female, does it matter whether the fly employed to catch the fish was tied by a man or a woman and who’s to say what gender the person was who built the fishing rod or reel? 

Irrespective of race, creed/religion, ability/disability, age or gender; all sports should be inclusive... fishing and fly tying should cross all divides and make us a common people. 

I’m not usually one for petitions but based on my longstanding association with womankind I think this one is worth nailing your flag to the mast for. http://www.change.org/petitions/sport-angling-community-let-s-start-talking-about-the-issue
Mutual respect!

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