Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters - Exmouth 2

Photos of Gary Jennings courtesy of Jono Shales

So what do we get when we add saltwater, tuna, Jono Shales and a client with a fly rod and place them in Exmouth, Western Australia? Well I think the answer is a pretty stoked and happy client. Don't you think?

This is another of those great opportunities that I am fortunate to get. I had a call from my pal Jono Shales who runs Exmouth Fly Fishing a couple of weeks back to say that he'd been guiding Gary Jennings from Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine and that they'd been whirling up some BUG-BOND candies for the tuna... well day 1 for tuna was a no show... it happens. Day 2 on the tuna, well... I got a message from Jono with some photos... if you think Gary Jennings is happy in that photo, believe me I was doing cartwheels in the UK... that BUG-BOND fly is just where it should be!

I am really pleased for Jono who has worked hard on his guiding service... and I'm pleased also for Gary Jennings... great fish! Thanks for sharing...

For more information on Exmouth Fly Fishing... Just hit the link!

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