Monday, 14 October 2013

BUG-BOND Footswitch goes live at Tackle & Guns trade show

I’m just back from the Tackle & Guns trade show in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire… a great couple of days meeting up with both new and existing retailers of BUG-BOND. For the second year I was on the Veniard stand… the BUG-BOND brand has received tremendous support from Veniard who celebrate 90 years of supplying fly tying materials this year.

Interestingly multi-award winning BUG-BOND came to the market 5 years ago next year as the first tack-free UV resin designed and developed for fly-tying… we will therefore be the only brand of UV cured resin to have a 5 year tack-free track record in the fly tying world… undeniable innovators.

Since launching BUG-BOND I have ensured that the product has stayed at the cutting edge… and I have maintained this by launching the BUG-BOND footswitch which is a retro-fit accessory to the existing single UV-LED Professional light… power is provided from the grid via an AC/DC adapter. It is a first for the fly-tyer!

The footswitch has been used and tested for almost 2 years and I announced its impending release in June this year. It has been used in public by Barry Ord Clarke, Dougie Loughridge  and filmed by Chris Sandford. Two weeks ago its release was formally announced at the Glasgow Angling Centre open weekend. 

I was pleased to be able to demonstrate the BUG-BOND Footswitch as part of Veniard’s 2014 new product range at Tackle & Guns trade show over the last couple of days. The benefit of the footswitch is that it will deliver a consistent level of UV for curing and will be of great benefit to those who tie regularly or those who don’t wish to be troubled with when to change the battery in the light. Convenience and consistency are the key words that have been the centre of the BUG-BOND brand and this follows through into the footswitch.

The response from the trade was brilliant!

It is one thing me showing off BUG-BOND… at shows I take the opportunity to have someone who has never used it to tie a fly and get their response. At this show I persuaded Danielle Hicks from Total Fly Fisher magazine to tie a relatively simple stalking bug… Danielle though working for a fishing title had never tied a fly. Taking time at the end of the show she tied a great fly which she is going to make Steve Cullen the editor of the magazine catch a fish on!

Well done Danielle...


Kevin Kelly said...

Will this switch be available in the US?

David Edwards said...

Kevin... Yes, and Greg Becker of Whitewaterflies NJ is the first to order it in...