Monday, 23 February 2009

Follow you, Follow me...

I managed to snatch 3 hours at the end of the day yesterday and found the wind less than obliging at a brisk 25 knots and playing havoc with the good marks… I noticed a bloke fishing across another bay for silver fish and as soon as he left I decided to cast across calmer waters. In failing light I was alternating between two good pike catching flies on this water. The orange and yellow bucktail mix really does it for me here (but so have other colours)!

I slowed the retrieve down to a bottom snagging pace and had the leader just through the top eye when the pike following struck… “Pants!” it failed to connect… I tried casting across the bay again sadly to no avail. A tough day on a falling barometer!

The carp are starting to feed again (hence the photo of a carp – not mine!) which means the pike will start spawning soon and they’ll be on their post spawn blitz!

“Follow you, Follow me”… that was the final track of the 1978 album Then There Were Three from Genesis… I had a very varied music collection from this, which might be termed progressive rock to the new wave offerings of Blondie at the other end of the rainbow!

A dawn raid at the end of the week beckons!

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