Friday, 27 February 2009


What can I say?

What a session!!!

I had done a dawn raid this week BUT not found any fish… they are on the move to the spawning grounds. Today I had an opportunity to have an early evening session hitting the water at 1630hrs and packing up just short of 1900hrs.

Hold on… wind the clock back to 0800hrs and the postman arrives with a package from Finland… two flies courtesy of Simon Graham… look in my links and visit his blog!! Today’s photo is of the two flies I received to try out. A big thank you to Simon…

Now back to the session… I tried an area where a chap was picking roach out like they were going out of fashion and decided to fish in the water to one side of him, side casting into the reeds… on one retrieve a pike of about 7 or 8lbs swam virtually right to the tip ring of the rod 6 inches beneath the fly… but didn’t strike. Blast!

In the last half hour I decided to use one of Simon’s flies… I fished out from between a group of reeds fishing it close in to the reeds and on the final approach allowed the fly to be fished really slow and break cover into open water… all I can say is that my bladder damn near decided to empty! On the second pass I had the most violent pike strike ever right at my feet water boiling every where… this pike was in the region of 14 – 15lbs easily the biggest pike I would have seen on the end of my rod… in the all but brief fight I saw the large silvery spotted slab side roll in the water at the end of my line… then disaster – it unhooked itself!

Simon… great fly and what an evening!

Thanks a million… an do email me the recipe!!


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Your most welcome David,
I sent you a message through here the other day but it seems to have been lost.Anyway which fly was it that you lost the big one on? The black or the red?
Hope its there when you go back soon again.

David Edwards said...

Twas the one with the reddish synthetic Zonker.... did that have some additional weight on it by any chance?? :) Oh and it wasn't there when I went back two days later!! But... I'll be trying there again!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Yes I gathered that it would retain a slight bit more water than fur strip but hopefully not to much that it became hard to cast.
Pity it wasn't there again,suppose it had moved to spawning grounds elsewhere.

David Edwards said...

I'm sure they will be loitering with intent and happy to have a go at a fly in a few days time... optimism!!!