Sunday, 5 April 2009

In Pursuit of the Water Wolf - Review

OK, where have I been??? Well, having looked forward to a weekend on that great trout water that has large pike in it… I was ill. A “flu like” virus wiped me out the week before and broke into a full blown cold for the weekend. Last week I was recuperating and working hard. I did have a brief foray onto the lake but only one fish was seen and frankly it wasn’t interested!

So in that time sat in front of the TV with the hot lemon and painkiller mix what did I do?

I wasn’t idle… I tied a few bunny bug flies and watched a DVD…. Not any old DVD tho’! Probably the most expensive DVD ever! It cost me €35 and at parity between the Euro and the £GBP… well you get the drift. Was it worth it??

Ever heard of a Umpqua pike fly, a Blanton’s flashtail whistler or a Skok’s mushmouth? Well in this DVD you’ll find out what they are along with Barry’s Gen-X bunny!

“In Pursuit of the Water Wolf” had me captivated from the word go… I have never seen top water action like this. The photography is stunning aside from the subject matter; it’s enhanced by the scenery in Alaska and Saskatchewan. If you are a pike fly fisher or an aspiring pike angler this is the video for you! You will watch it, you’ll watch it again and then you’ll pause it, slow motion it and rewind and play again.

Apart from seeing massive pike taken on the fly this is a fantastic instructional video (although it may not be billed as that).

My summary of this DVD… 5 star filming linked with 5 star fishing gives this film a 10/10… Go buy it!! (worth every, cent, penny or dime!!!)


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

I thought you would like it. Sorry to hear you haven't been well David,but just glad you are back in the land of the living. Ice has started to melt here now and could possibly be getting out very soon...well within the next 2 weeks.
Have been working on improving my blog and will be running an Island fishing report from it with pics on Google maps so people can follow my antics around it.
I've also been tying lots of Perch flies as well this week for so itching to fish too.
Anyway glad your okay mate

Pike Fishing said...

With this recommendation I have to secure one myself.

mcfluffchucker said...

its a really fantastic dvd well worth the money