Friday, 20 March 2009

Fish and err... fish food?

I have a big weekend coming soon up on a large body of water… I’m looking forward to it with, if I’m honest a little bit of trepidation. I fish the margins from the shore and have never fly-fished afloat… I can feel the pressure mounting!!

This morning I decided to have a foray on the lake, the real intention was to test all the lines out on the two rods and see which matched what… I have ordered a new sink tip line that should rock when I get it!

0600 hrs, a fantastic morning appears and I have the lake to myself… a stiff breeze mind and not that warm. Fish… err what fish… they’ve gone! Gone from the margins! Two weeks of spawning has ended… how soon before the carp start?

I practiced with various flies and lines BUT the killer combination has to be the intermediate line… BUT I’m really not that happy with it and I’ll get it looked at next week to see if it is a rogue line. Add to that my bucktail and funky fibre fly and we score again… 4lb fish nice fight… it engulfed the fly!

The red and white Icelandic sheep fly did well… but not that well as I missed out on a cracking 12lb fish… never mind!

Oh and that nice little roach… fin perfect beauty that waddled off after being put back only to be swallowed up in a pikey swirl seconds later!

Kit wise I’m waiting for a test on a new 4 piece blank from Harrison Advanced Rods… hopefully soon so that I can get it ordered, I’m putting up with the Ron Thompson as a second rod at the moment!!

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Mike Ashcroft said...

Good luck this weekend Dave!