Friday, 5 June 2009

Carp on the fly - it's a first!

Boy has it been warm this last week or so… I’m not complaining although it has put paid to pike fishing for the moment.

I’ve had a few trips to the lake to observe more than anything, however, with a cool wind this morning I decided to take the fly rods and look for action. Basically there was no pike action so I decided to tie on a deer hair spun fly that resembles a cubed bread crust. Don’t laugh I’m serious.

Talking to a regular who ‘d just pulled out a nice tench I decided to move on… moving down the lake there is a shallow shelf and there must have been a pod of 12 – 16 carp… a real mixed bag; grass, mirror and common carp in a variety of sizes. I decided to target a 12 to 15lb grass carp. I must point out that no ground bait was used in this exercise –just the fly!

I cast below the pod and allowed the wind to gently take the morsel toward the pod of carp where I would bring it toward the targeted carp as necessary. The grass carp took great interest in the fly line sucking at it, sadly not the fly! I tried in vain for 20 minutes or so to entice one of the pod and then the wind changed! Casting down the lake was easier but the main contenders had mooched elsewhere. The fly drifted and two big carp peeled away leaving the chunky mirror carp eyeing up the fly… I could actually see him think and then purposefully go for it…

It’s amazing to watch a fish eye up your fly and go for it, no vicious take here… just a big slurp and it was engulfed! I struck and I was in.

Dogged determination is all I can say as far as the fight went but ultimately little match for the Harrison fly rod… came out well and went back well!

A shade over 6lb and my first carp - I was chuffed! (Could be a convert.... never)


dave lindsay said...

right dumpy little thing that well done mate

pikepicker said...

very nice david!