Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Wahoo! Well actually an Esox!

I'll leave you with this for tonight... just got in after a short session, a good number of follows and attempted strikes and then this beauty of 9.5lbs mullered the fly at 10pm! Fly - Umpqua pike fly - one of Barry's faves... I'll write more on the session tomorrow (I'm a bit chuffed!).


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Well done Dave,Think now u you are really getting the pike on the fly bug.Its just a great way to target these predators isn't it!

David Edwards said...

Simon, it's been almost a year since I got the Ron Thompson outfit and how my fishing has changed... I'm looking at all those hard bodied lures and thinking that they may all end up on ebay!

The revalation was starting to tie my own flies and the Harrison fly rod plus meeting folk via PA and the PFFA, not forgetting your informative blog.

BUT the guy who got me into this was Eric Hope guide par exellence and his phone call to me to say that he was doing a piece on the TV.

A Eureka moment!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

To tie your own flies and catch fish on them makes all the difference. Your rod sounds fantastic Dave. Maybe one day in the future I can get the chance to chuck a few flies with it : ) to feel what all the fuss is about.

Anyway tight linz mate and have a great summer will you with friends and family.