Friday, 25 September 2009

Freshwater Tarpon? or Six of the best!

My God, I am knackered!

I haven't been fishing for a couple of weeks now... or is it three? Never mind, cabin fever set in and I needed to get out and FISH! 0510hrs the alarm goes off (quietly, so as not to disturb my wife's sleep). 0600 hrs drive to the water and tackle up. 0638 catch fish number 1... by 1232 hrs I had accounted for 6 pike... what a storming day!

Now I say 6 pike but I think it is technically 5 as the bottom two appear to be the same pike! This pike was caught within half an hour on the same fly!

The first small jack was quite memorable in so far as I'd had a follow from a big pike and when recasting the fly it was absolutely hammered and I thought "Bingo!" sadly not as a jack of about 12 inches gave up after a brief struggle. The second tiddler did the tarpon thing, generally throwing itself everywhere. However, pike number 6 at 8lbs on the nose was a real scrapper and also went vertical doing the tarpon dance!

The fly... similar pattern to the one I usually use on the venue BUT tied slightly differently and with a few additional ingredients!

A day to reflect on... I'll probably fall asleep on the sofa shortly... never mind I can always go after the bass tomorrow!


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Now that's what I call a great days pike on the fly Dave,congrats mate.

David Edwards said...

It was good and it felt good that everything was switched on. The Deceiver I use is complete... I'm happy with that pattern now and so I'll tie up a few to keep me going... but I won't be using the same pattern all the time... the fish will get bored otherwise! :D

PS wonder if the bass would like it?

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

I didn't fish for Bass that much in the Uk Dave but when I did I used more Natural colours.Think that was just me playing the safe game on that one though. It looks like they catch them on all colours in the States, so am sure that deceiver would work a harm in trying!

David Edwards said...

I suppose the only reason in my thought process is that Mick aka MrFish Jersey has a lot of success with orange plastic lures???

So why would/should flies be any different? Don't know the answer to that one!