Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Harrison Advanced Rods go piking!

It's been almost a year since my old pal Mike Helliwell from Harrison Advanced Rods has fished with me... so we eventually rectified the situation a little over a week ago!

We met up after work and decided to work the magic with a few flies across the water. I felt that I had to show Mike some sport and I suppose was able to act as guide. I was at the venue before Mike and saved two marks for him to have a go at where I knew there would be a pike lurking. Sure enough once he'd got his eye in I got a stifled whistle cum call and I looked up to see a rod with a severe bend in it! Lovely.... I thought we were on for a photo but Mike horsed him a little too much and off he went back into the depths after slipping the hook. Moving around the corner Mike attacked the mark from a different angle and it paid off with a strike by another fish.

My aim for the evening was a bit of a social and to get my hands on Mike's new 8wt blank. The rod cast well even for a self taught caster like me... a brief go but another bit of experience to put into the mix!

So no photo of Mike with the pike... NO... but here is a clip from Sky News about the success of Harrison Advanced Rods. Steve Harrison strives constantly to deliver perfection... you only have to race with him on a yacht to witness it first hand. His desire to win is really infectious! Well done Steve & team.

Oh and Mike features in the video!

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