Sunday, 7 February 2010

Deesox meets the 35lb Black Fin Tuna!

It is amazing how things happen… I’ll skip the infomercial bit and get to the good bit.

On one of the UK based fly forums I was in communication with a chap who goes under the name of Genty or Gentytheshrimper… Brian is his real name. I had offered to drive over and see Brian with a few fly tying supplies and within a couple of hours I was at his front door.

We had a chat over a coffee and he had a look at the flies I’d tied and then we went into his tying room. OK, guys! A cave is a cave but this den was fantastic. Not only is Brian a seasoned and well accomplished fly fisher and fly tyer, it appears that in the midst of rural England there is a Yankees baseball fan!

The thing about fishing is that we all have a common interest and it is very easy to feed off each other. I spent 3 hours with Brian and came away from his house totally buzzing with ideas… a message via a forum that we are members of revealed that after I left he’d put 18 hours in at the vise… I assume that he’d fed and watered himself in that time and maybe had a knap… But do you know what… it wouldn’t surprise me if he’d done a straight 18 hours such is his enthusiasm for fishing.

It was a real privilege to have the opportunity to meet Brian… and I sat down at the vise today to try and recreate his minnows… not a patch on his but it is a start!

Thanks Brian… the Sand eel is for you!

The other photo is Brian with a 35lb fly caught Black Fin tuna… I live in hope!

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