Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Simpleclone and Clouser ties with a twist

I read Steve Farrar's SBS on the Simpleclone which was I believe a rework of Bob Popovic's Siliclone... which has now been reworked by Bob as Flex Fleye... that's a mouthful!
OK... so I get the tag end of some Icelandic fleece (white) and tie it per Steve's instructions... then orange bucktail overwing and yellow underwing reverse tie and Steve Farrar's Orange Blend along the flanks again reverse tie... biro over the end and loose tie to keep the shape.... remove biro and apply Bug-Bond... and "Yes" it ain't the greatest tie... it is the first one, so excuse me, please... BUT you can squeeze the heck out of it and it'll come back for more! Doesn't crack or split!!
The Clouser is on a tube the difference here is I've used minimal thread to tie it - in fact some very fine white spectra from Riny Sluiter. First off get the B&Q beadchain and set it on the tube and put a drop of Bug-Bond over the centre of the chain an cure it... that is now solid to the tube... no chasing the eyes around the tube and trying to position them! A 3 second cure is all it takes! The body is next, Bug-Bond the Mylar to the tube and then wrap to the eyes... go on tidy in so used the spectra! Now... Bug-Bond over the mylar... a rotary vice helps here as you can spin the vice and you have an even coating... UV on and job done...
Catch in the white slinky as the under wing... drop of Bug-Bond and that's on... Over wing was chartreuse Turrell's crinkly something or other and drop of Bug-Bond... job done... again the prototype and the blob was a wee bit bigger than I wanted as I was trying to kick up the wing... I'll also go slinky fibre for the over wing... Pink tag is next... and finally because those beadchain eyes are likely to rust in the salt stuff I've given them an encapsulation with Bug-Bond... and you can't twist the eyes off the tube... and the bonding is discrete.
So what were you doing this evening?
PS... you'll notice speckling over the eye... it ain't bubbles it's a dodgy Orvis eye!
PPS... I hate the way you put paragraphs in and the darned blog doesn't recognise them unless you write it in Word and then paste in!

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