Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Ducking Fedley!

“Dealing with emails that come into the office is never a chore as they are mostly fishing or Bug-Bond related and like most, I enjoy a good fishy tale. One such anecdote with supporting photos was sent to me by Chris Sandford. Chris has very kindly allowed me to reproduce part of his email along with the photos so that I may share it with you (Chris, it is much appreciated. Thank you).

The unexpurgated version will be found in his soon to be published article in the Autumn issue of Waterlog magazine ( do have a look at their website and consider subscribing to this quality journal).

Chris told me that although they didn’t win the one fly event, they didn’t do too badly and more to the point the Bug-Bond flies lasted the whole day… and by the look of the photo, Chris’s fly looks as if it could be fished again the following day and probably many more.

The excerpt from Chris’s email follows…”

“A week before the ‘One Fly’ competition Bob (A Passion for Angling) James called me and asked if I’d like to be part of the ‘Dream Team’ with him and Chris Tarrant....and would I mind tying the flies!

I knew that many parts of the Test were still quite coloured so I decided that I would give the team a choice between bright and heavy and fairly traditional and heavy! But I would do my best to make all the flies indestructible. It’s amazing how much damage can be done to one fly in just one day’s fishing so I gave them all a severe ‘Bug Bonding’!

On the day I presented Bob with the choice of the flies. “Your three ‘indestructibles’” I said. He looked at them carefully and asked ‘Which one are you going to use?’ I pointed to a small, tungsten headed, flash back bug on a size 14 hook. ‘Me too’ he said ‘What’s it called?’ ‘No idea’ I replied, ‘I only thought of it yesterday!’ Bob’s guide inspected it closely and muttered ‘Looks ****ing deadly to me!’ So that, we decided, was its name. The ****ing Deadly’!

One of the funniest moments related by Bob later in the day, was when the camera team covering the event filmed him landing three fine Trout on my fly. When asked by the director what the fly was called Bob had a lapse of memory and looked to his guide for help. Without missing a beat he said ‘Oh yes…that one…it’s ‘The Ducking Fedley’!

Cheers… Chris”

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