Thursday, 30 September 2010

The USA and more....

Wow! September has been a great month with a lot going on... it kicked off with a 2 page feature in Trout Fisherman including a step by step and a review by Robbie Winram... I was over the moon with his comments.

I then brought together the culmination of 12 months research and work on rod blanks and built and fished a 9' 9# where all the rings were attached only with Bug-Bond (no thread)... 13 pike up to 16lb on the Harrison Advanced Rods Lohric blank... that is a seriously nice stick! I have named the rod "Zero" as in Zero Thread Technology (very tongue in cheek BUT I have proved a point... Bug-Bond is versatile!!)

As I've previously blogged Pete Gray provided some kind words about Bug-Bond...
In the background Steve Silverio has been fighting the Bug-Bond corner, Steve is a thoroughly nice guy and a great tyer I have huge respect for him and his talent... I hope to be posting a bit about Steve and his ties in the coming weeks...

So what's the big news I hear you ask... Well as of yesterday stocks of Bug-Bond went on the shelves of . This is a major step for Bug-Bond and removes a major stumbling block in our progression in the US market. I've had huge support from the US angler but potsage costs inhibited some from purchasing the product. Not anymore!!

With the kit, Greg Becker the owner of (Whitewaterflies) has tied up a few patterns which should give inspiration to those that wish to throw away the epoxy and the varnish... thanks for the images Greg.

It won't stop there tho' I have a second retailer in the US that will come on stream in 7 days time or so... who will it be?

Thank you all for your support and watch this space...

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petegray said...

I'm a bit ripe to get all worked over a hook dressed to the ninez... 'Lethal weapon!
but... Greg's sparse subtle phuzzie notion [phlat wing pheatherz and David's magic voodoo Bug-Bond] is SO RIGHT in SO MANY WAYZ!
If I were a phish, I'd be all over that thing like white on rice!
Regardz from the Colonies!