Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Falklands Flasher

Back to who's fishing what and where... another Bug-Bond user is stationed in the Falkland Islands (not quite as far south as the Cape but close enough for it to qualify as the most southerly caught fish on a Bug-Bond built fly).

When I opened the email I was stunned at Matthew's sea trout catches... all done in daylight I believe and he's been kind eough to allow me to show the photos and provide the recipe for his "Falklands Flasher"!

"The recipe is:

Hook: B175 8 or 10

Body: Lead wire with Orange Holographic Tinsel overlaid with Pearl Mylar Tinsel encapsulated in Bug Bond

Tail: Orange Holographic Tinsel, Amber Krystal Flash and Orange Marabou.

Eyes: 3mm Real Eyes Plus encapsulated in Bug Bond

The name is: er… Falklands Flasher!

The fish are all caught in the main river systems of the Falkland’s (of which there are many), they are Sea Trout and Brown (although they are the same fish). Brown Trout were introduced into the Falkland’s in the 1940’s and thrive in the cold, pure, peaty waters. The Sea Trout ‘run’ twice per year, once at the start of the season In Sep and again in Feb – Mar."

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