Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Veniard's Glo-Brite thread & Bug-Bond

I was recently asked by a potential customer what the interaction was between Bug-Bond and Glo-Brite thread as his experience of other UV cured resins was that that took away the fluorescent nature of the thread. I had one spool of Glo-Brite and did the test and sure enough it did have an effect on reducing the glow... BUT when reporting back I was able to say that another Bug-Bond customer had supplied photos with Glo-Brite thread incorporated in the ties and they positively glowed... so what is the deal?

As fortune would have it I met up with Phil Varney at the Glasgow Angling Centre open weekend and mentioned this to him and Phil kindly arranged to supply 16 spools of thread for the test.

I spent a couple of evenings whipping a couple of layers of Glo-Brite on a size 8 streamer hook and then putting 2 coats of Bug-Bond Original over the top.

The results are that all the threads did well under 395nm wavelength of UV light and retained their fluorescent nature with the exception of Burnt Orange (6), Fl Chartreuse (10), Blue (14), Purple (15), White (16) these threads didn't do so well.

However, whilst writing the blog this morning I decided to try a 365nm wavelength light I'd forgotten I possessed! There was a significant improvement with those 5 threads with the exception of Burnt Orange (6)... Now what do fish see?
I'd say that it was a successful test and that Bug-Bond Original interacts well with Glo-Brite thread with few exceptions.


Dustin's Fly Box said...

cool product! I need to try some out. Great blog! You got a new follower

David Edwards said...

Thanks you for your kind comments....