Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Nymphs & the Golden Stone

I received an email from Christophe de Pastors recently and am pleased that he's been using and is happy with Bug-Bond... Christophe's speciality is nymphing in the Pyrenees and sells his excellent flies via his website This is what Christophe had to say in his mail to me...

"I was born in Pyrenees; a Frenchman on the border of Spain. I fly fishing for approximately 30 years in Pyrenees it was my uncle who introduces me to this fishing. Since then I am faithful to this (type of) fishing.

It enchants me and me made discover an extraordinary environment. I matched some years of championships in France... it allowed me to see some rivers and various manners of fly fishing.

When I was 10 years old I began to go up flies in this time it was very difficult because Internet did not exist. I began to sell a fly in 1999 in France and in Spain. I sell directly the fishermen, the contact pleases me with those a lot who know about what I speak.

...80 % in nymphs (Czech nymph) I use jig hook or larva of sedges a lot.. For the assembly I use the epoxy, (its) very to complicated to mix; since I discovered the bug bond I create much more effective assemblies and faster

This really is the product for creating one new generations of flies"

Christophe's Golden Stone is a fantastic piece of ingenuity using a stone fly to make a mould in Play-Doh and then fill with Bug-Bond and then cure... I've linked his photos into a Youtube video!

Thank you for sharing with us Christophe!

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