Sunday, 29 May 2011

Andrés Touceda - joins the Pro-Tying Team

It has been a busy few months here and the Bug-Bond team is expanding... the first of our new team members is Andrés Touceda from Spain.

Andrés is an incredible tyer of realistic flies and has taken realistic fly tying to another level - and it is a great pleasure to give a long over due welcome to my good friend.

I have included some images of flies tied using Bug-Bond by Andrés and also a profile written by him...

"I had the privilege of practicing fishing since I was a child. I started fishing at sea with my grandfather. He took me, for the first time, to go fishing at sea when I was 5 or 6 years old. I started fly fishing 20 years ago. After watching some videos and reading some books about fly fishing, I decided that I wanted to try that way of fishing. My experience, by that time, fishing in rivers was very poor. I had fished in rivers just a couple of times and without much success. To learn fly fishing techniques was not easy. I remember that I spent the first season fly fishing without a catch (well I caught some trees on the way). I stopped fishing at sea as I put all my efforts and time in learning the new technique to fish in rivers.

My interest in tying started at the same time that my interest in fly fishing. Learn how to cast a line and how to tie a fly were my objectives from the beginning. I got into a fishing club were I was taught the first steps in both subjects. After some time, I had a lot of fly tying and casting books. I admired how fishermen tied their patterns so I spent a lot of time watching their imitations and studying their techniques for me to tie my own flies. The most deep I went into fly tying the most interest I felt."

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