Thursday, 16 June 2011

"BUG-BOND™ Professional" THE UV light!

Straight off the production line and onto the shelf is a new addition to the BUG-BOND™ family!

BUG-BOND™ Professional is a new single emitter UV light that will appeal to the fly-tying fanatic, semi-commercial and commercial tyer. This is possibly the sleekest, smartest, smallest and cheapest to run UV light for curing UV cure resin available.

The BUG-BOND™ Professional UV curing light:
  • Utilises a Cree single UV emitter that provides consistent curing
  • Uses a single AA power cell. Tests have been conducted using NiMH rechargeable batteries and excellent results have been achieved. It will work equally as well with alkaline batteries if required.
  • Is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium and anodised to a Type III specification
  • Weighs in at a measly 74g, against the 12 UV LED light at 104g and (the now discontinued) Nightsearcher at 152g. These are weights taken with batteries included.
  • Is imported by Edwards Bonding Solutions who is the owner, designer and developer of BUG-BOND™ the first tack-free cure resin for fly-tying.

Although committed to providing a cost effective solution to enable the majority of fly-tyers to access the benefits of BUG-BOND™ I also have a commitment to produce a replacement for the acclaimed Nightsearcher that many tyers on the show circuit use. The ability to power a high quality light with a readily available and inexpensive power cell in most countries will give customers outside the UK and those who travel the confidence that they can cure BUG-BOND™ wherever they might be on the globe! Link this with the fact that most rechargeable packs of AA batteries are sold in units of 4 batteries this will provide the fly-tyer with an almost constant supply of UV light that will cure BUG-BOND™.

I am confident that the introduction of the BUG-BOND™ Professional UV curing light will keep the BUG-BOND™ UV cure resin family at the forefront of UV resin development for the fly-tyer and rod builder alike.

The BUG-BOND™ Professional will be available to view at the British Fly Fair International 2011 at Stafford Show Ground, UK during the weekend 18th & 19th June. It will then be available to retailers with effect from 20th June.

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