Sunday, 12 June 2011

It's crystal clear!

Each batch of Bug-Bond is test cured against the UV lights we have. The test is small microfibre brush dipped and then cured... once tested the brush is destined for the bin... until yesterday. I decided to photograph the cured Bug-Bond just to show how optically perfect it is... on the photo with the dust specks... that's rubbish on the lens... you can see that I took the photo outside. The background is out focus (in the bottom photo) but as we look into the cured Bug-Bond we can see what was on the table... can you see? As a clue look toward bottom left in the centre photo... click on it to enlarge it. Oh and I wiped the lens for the top shot!

Oh its the British Fly Fair International in Stafford next weekend... we'll give you advanced warning... we are really looking forward to the show!

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

wow! Thats really cool! Amazing product