Saturday, 19 January 2013

BUG-BOND goes "Dennis the Menace"

How many of you ever read the comic book "The Beano" with its favourite character Dennis the Menace and Gnasher... well it was a firm favourite of mine. Dennis always wore a red and black striped sweater! 

This red on black pattern and a 3 page article featured heavily in February's edition of Trout & Salmon magazine... and...

I've just been reading (again) Stan Headley's article on "Dennis The Menace" type patterns in Trout & Salmon magazine... Stan readily acknowledges that red on black is not new and qualifies it by recalling flies from the tarpon Black Death bunny with its red ruff to trout flies such as the Butcher... great article. So in a "homage" to the article this is this morning's offering!  

Veniard Osprey Light Nymph/Dry Fly hook size 12
UTC 70 black thread
UTC Holo Tinsel Silver Medium (Red marker over before tying)
BUG-BOND Lite to seal and BUG-BOND Original to finish

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