Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy BUG-BOND New Year! Grant Bench feature...

My first blog of the year isn't about me, it's about a fly tyer from out west... Grant Bench from Orem, Utah in the USA... a talented tyer at that. Through the internet ether Grant started talking to me about BUG-BOND and then I started seeing his flies coming up using BUG-BOND. I thought I'd share a Youtube video with you that Grant has a starring role in... it's very neat, clean and concise. Grant obviously enjoys sharing his craft... 

Thanks for sharing Grant!

Hi! I'm Grant Bench. As a young teenager, I was introduced to fly tying by my Uncle David. He instructed me on tying a few simple patterns and from there I learned to develop an artists point of view. From that day on I have acquired a passion for fly tying that only a fly tyer can understand. It has now become a lifestyle and tying flies is now part of an everyday routine like brushing teeth. 

I am always excited to learn new ways and techniques of tying flies. Having the opportunity to tie at shows throughout the west has helped me to gain an appreciation for those who have come before me, for without them, we wouldn't have the large array of materials available to us today. The Orvis Co is currently marketing eleven of my fly patterns through its catalog/online/retail dealers. This would only be possible with a supportive wife, like-minded friends who also share the same passion, and an occupation that gives me the freedom to share my love of fly fishing with others.

All these guys tying small stuff and what tarpon flies have I tied today - none! I'm re-working a trout pattern with a friend of mine that he developed... but enough of that, this is a piece about Grant and his video.

Hope you enjoyed it... I did!

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