Sunday, 24 February 2013

BUG-BOND Sea Trout box... getting there!

I'm tying for a trip to Norway next month... it'll be a bit of a first for me on many fronts and I'm looking forward to it... eager anticipation but not wanting to get my hopes up at the same time... after all fishing is about catching as well... otherwise we wouldn't go fishing. So to the fly box... Thunder Creeks, Gammarus and... hold on a moment what is that bog eyed critter that is holding centre stage?

Well turn back the clock to November 2010... Yes, it's is the South Atlantic's Falklands Flasher courtesy of Matthew Salmon. I thought I best tie some up for the occasion.

You can see me tie up a few more flies this weekend at Glasgow Angling Centre's Spring Open Weekend!!! Be there or be square!!!

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