Monday, 29 April 2013

Chris Tarrant and the Dream Team win the ‘One Fly’

…but only just!

This year’s Dream Team of Chris Tarrant, Geoffrey Palmer and Chris Sandford managed to defend their winning title from the last ‘One Fly’ competition, by coming joint first with the ‘Fly Fish Map’ team, each with an equal 1510 points. 

Organiser Simon Cooper sent off ten teams of three from The Peat Spade in Longstock, to 30 different chalkstream beats. All participants knew that they could fish with only one fly, and if they lost it, they were out!

In the last ‘One Fly’ competition, the winning fly was Chris Sandford’s ‘Ducking Feadly’. This time he presented his team with his new, ‘Bee-Bee-Gee-Bee’ (The ‘Bug Bond Glass Bug’). Said Chris, “My first job was to design a fly that is virtually indestructible, heavy enough to search those deep runs, but also stay within the rules of the competition”

Chris Tarrant commented… “I’m thrilled to have won it again! It was a really difficult windy day and we all found it tough, but I’m sure the ‘Bee-Bee-Gee-Bee’ made a big difference!”

When Geoffrey was asked to comment on his role in the winning team, he said.
  “Can I go home now?”

Stars of TV and Radio, Geoffrey Palmer, Chris Sandford & Chris Tarrant
photo courtesy of Guy Gragoe

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