Sunday, 28 April 2013

Permit me to entertain you! Exmouth Part 1

I have some good friends in fly fishing and it is fantastic when I get an email to say that they've hooked up and the result is a great trip for all. 

One such email was from Jan Bach Kristensen from Denmark (yeah... you recognise the name... Tapam... THE tarpon film). Well Jan had been to meet up with my pal Jono Shales who owns Exmouth  Fly Fishing in Western Australia, Jono is acknowledged to be one of the finest saltwater guides there is and the results are there for all too see on the Exmouth Facebook page... Amongst the Tuna and the Gold Trevally that Jan and his fishing partner Nico Eriksen caught there was one standout shot for me and that was Jan with his Permit. As Jono reported, Jan had tried in in 4 countries to land a Permit but it wasn't until this trip he succeeded in landing this much sought after fish!

Talking to Jan about the capture he asked me whether I'd like a copy of a photo of the crab fly as he'd tied it using Bug-Bond. It's another win for BUG-BOND... I don't mind fishing vicariously guys - honest!

Thanks for the photos Jan and congratulations on such a great capture!

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