Sunday, 4 August 2013

C is for Chris & S is for Sandford and his STUFF!

My good friend Chris Sandford has put the third episode of his video magazine up on his website... Fly tying in abundance in this issue... you'll find the use of Taser wire quite shocking and it gives the trout a fair old jolt as well... books, fishing books to be precise - I do love books... The BUG-BOND-Glass-Bug is a winner and then as a finale Chris gives you a look at his vintage tackle... do have a look, you'll enjoy it!

"At last! ...I hear you cry..... ‘STUFF’ 3!
In this enthralling episode we tantalize you with a Taser Bug...Humour you with history...Tie the One Fly winner and reveal my vintage tackle!" Chris Sandford

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