Saturday, 13 July 2013

B is for Bug, B is for Bond, B is for Bentley and B is for Brown Trout (and also for 'Bow)

Chris Sandford a long time BUG-BOND user, team member, ambassador and all-round good friend of mine gave me a phone call...

Chris:  "What are you doing Friday 12th July?"
David: "Nothing at present Chris"
Chris:  "Would you like to come fishing on the River Test for the day?"

My response was an unequivocal "Yes!"

Now me and trout... well I can probably name all the captures to date... I've been a dyed in the wool predator and saltwater fisherman... that was until I had my first sea trout in Norway in March and then at SIM in Italy last month. There has to be something about this trout caper!

So arming myself with a Guideline Fario 9' 5wt, Guideline 5wt WF 4Cast and a Nautilus 5/6 FWX reel I drove south!

This is Chris's motor!

I arrived with Chris on Thursday and although I had a selection of Fulling Mill dries and a few I'd tied up myself, Chris kindly presented me with a small box of flies he'd tied for me... including 'Sandford's  BULLET' (now there is a hint for a fly that worked on the day!)

We fished a stretch of the River Test below Stockbridge... this IS God's own country... a little piece of heaven, call it what you will... it's a cracking piece of river!

I'm not going to do a blow by blow account... it was a great day and a very kind invite... and we did it in style.

Thank you Chris!

PS you can read more about Chris at

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