Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Free STUFF from Chris Sandford - the BUG-BOND Glass Bug video!

I was talking to my pal Chris Sandford about shooting a video with the new retro fit BUG-BOND footswitch for our Professional UV light (powered by an AC/DC adapter) and he said... "It's already been done mate!" Chris had already shot the footage as part Episode 3 of his online magazine called STUFF... and STUFF is FREE! Yes, free STUFF from Chris Sandford... as a bit of a seasonal gift to fly tyers the world over he has done a director's cut of the BUG-BOND Glass Bug... store it as a fovourite to your desktop and check his website as there is a load more STUFF there and it's all FREE!

In this great step by step video Chris demonstrates how well the footswitch works... it is a retro fit to the existing Professional UV light, it dispenses with batteries and gives constant levels of UV from the grid! In addition you also learn how to tie the B-B-G-B. It’s the fly that helped the ‘Dream Team’ win the 2013 River Test ‘One Fly’ Competition, so it’s worth having a few in your box....

... and the BUG-BOND product range is a suitable gift idea for the fly-tyer!

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