Sunday, 25 January 2009

A hat trick...

Well I'm a little chuffed with myself... can't you tell! Three trips out in 2009 and scored in each one. Not the biggest pike ever but these are really snatched 2 or 3 hours on the bank at an absolute maximum. All the pike have been caught on the fly as well.

A couple of thoughts... all the piking activity has coincided with rising air pressure and I've chosen my times carefully. I have also changed my line to a Rio Striped Bass Intermediate which I think has helped immeasurably with presentation of the fly. In addition water clarity has got better since the cold snap and I'm using two flies... secret unpublished patterns!

Where to next... Mmmm... may be off on Wednesday or Thursday!!! Watch this space!

The photos were taken on an 8MP camera phone... not bad BUT the flare from the sun played havoc with the shot!


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Its nice to see you getting out lucky bugger!
Will get back in a week and will tie up some new poppers for the spring with my new guinea feathers I baught here, and will send you a couple to try out Dave.
Have a great week mate

Trent Piker said...

Great fishing! Any idea what the round mark behind the gill cover is? I had one myself last year with a similar mark in the same place.

David Edwards said...


Nice to hear from you and it'd great to try a few poppers out!

Hope all is well with you.



JayMorr said...

Very nice my friend! I am jealous. Thanks for sharing as always.

That is a good lookin fish.