Saturday, 31 January 2009

No flies on me!

I had a little look at my lake yesterday... nothing doing at all. A biting easterly and fishing the fly deep resulted in only one thing. I lost a fly to a very large snag... probably the same snag I lost the last one on!
I decided to spend the afternoon tying at the vice to replace a couple of lost favourites and to try and tie a couple of known pike takers one for a venue I'll be fishing at the end of next month and the other is a Swedish pattern that I quite liked the look of. Oh one fly has sneaked into the hatch... tied three weeks ago and has already hit the favourite pattern!

Not sure whether I'll get out tomorrow... we'll see! SNOW is forecast!


Simon said...

Nice set of looking flies there David.Quite like the 2nd and fifth ones. What size hooks are you using by the way?

David Edwards said...

The orange/chartreuse are on 4/0 Ad Swier hooks and the Black Bunny and the bait fish are on Varivas Big Mouth Xtra 5/0 and the White Pike Sara is on a Manta 2/0