Monday, 16 March 2009

Rain stops play... this just ain't cricket!

It did rain BUT that has nothing to do with the stopping play! Why?

OK, my thoughts were that the pike were starting to spawn last week and I wasn't wrong! I arrived on Friday with the temperature having been fairly static. I Immediately saw my pike but with a few battle or were they "lurve" scars from spawning? This pike was not interested in feeding as a white bunny bug was dropped in front of its nose... it wouldn't even strike in anger!
In the next bay a couple of pike were rattling around the reeds... OK, I hate to be disturbed as well... We'll leave them to it for a while.
I'll be back!


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

It snowed here all day.....nuff said really!

Mike Ashcroft said...

Nearly hung up my lures and traces until October Dave. But there is the odd larger colder water yet not to have spawned. One last go Saturday.

David Edwards said...

Mmmm... I think you find me out on a couple of bigger waters over the next month!!!