Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pharside of the Pond Part Deux

I've frequented Stripersonline for a couple of years now and I find the saltwater ties refreshing and innovative and they happen to lend themselves nicely to Bug-Bond.

I had an email from Rick Fink yesterday and he has kindly allowed me to show his photo of a Fat Albert with baitfish and accompanying Bug-Bond fly, together with comments and the recipe... thank you Rick.

"Attached photo shows a BB SurfCandy after five Little Tunny. Holding up well so far, no loosening of the bond, no cracking.

I've tried various materials over the years for the wing including feathers, synthetics, and bucktail which is easiest, but PolarFiber wins hands down. The pictured fly is about 1 3/4in long size 2 hook. Depending on the size of the bait sometimes up to 3in. I use size 6 and 4 when the micro bait is present, finished fly 1 1/4in to 1 1/2 long.

Hook---Mustad C-70-SD
Body Braid for belly
PolorFiber for wing
Mylar strip or Flash-A-Bou for lateral line
stick on foil eye of choice
Mono thread"

I've also been playing with Thunder Creek patterns initially as potential for saltwater ties... but do you know what I think I may go after some trout with the pattern... and I might even try and target salmon with them. Although a relatively easy tie I'm becoming quite critical of my ties and am extremely grateful for the invaluable inside information on Keith Fulsher's pattern provided by Rich "Doc" Steinberger. More on this pattern over the coming weeks...

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