Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rod building with Bug-Bond

Having built my first rod on a Harrison Lohric blank (9ft 9wt 4 piece) and having banked 13 fish to 16lbs with it I thought it useful to do a short video showing the process... proving it can be done without thread and a great solution to a rod repair needed on that fishing trip of a life time! Thanks to Will, my step-son for doing the production side of the video and looking after the Youtube channel for me.


Anonymous said...


That's really interesting. Do You notice any difference compared to those with epoxy and thread?

Is it as sturdy or sturdier?

Thanks, Jani

I just broke one of my guides and need to replace it.

David Edwards said...

Jani... my view is it is as sturdy and with a 16lb pike on the end, it aquitted itself well. And the feedback from Harrison Advanced Rods was very positve!

Anonymous said...


Im gonna try your technique when i get the spare part!

Might be an idea for rod building this winter also :)

Keep up the good work!


petegray said...

After seeing David's brilliant application, I repaired a broken rod tip and it has proven to be a formidable fix!
And the pin hole in my waders was NO MATCH for the magic acrylic... [How to say LEAK in Past Tense?]
I can see the info-mercial looming on the TV horizon... Leak-Be-Gone!