Thursday, 15 November 2012

BUG-BOND goes global with WAPSI

BUG-BOND ties in with WAPSI to complete global distribution.

BUG-BOND the award winning UV cured resin is set to continue its global growth as one of the world’s leading fly tying products as it becomes fully available in the USA and Canada.

Following this announcement, BUG-BOND will have the widest distribution network of any light cured resin available to fly tyers worldwide.

David Edwards of Edwards Bonding Solutions Ltd is proud to announce that WAPSI, the largest distributor of fly tying material worldwide has included BUG-BOND in their latest catalogue. WAPSI will primarily distribute BUG-BOND to the US and Canadian markets, however, their worldwide distribution network will also benefit from the inclusion of BUG-BOND in their product range.

David Edwards, owner and creator of the BUG-BOND brand said “I am delighted that BUG-BOND has secured within the last 9 months both WAPSI & Veniard Ltd, two of the biggest and most respected distribution names in fly tying. It will ensure that BUG-BOND builds on its global brand position based on product performance and ensures worldwide availability. Veniard play an important role in BUG-BOND’s day to day logistics and worldwide distribution, their support has been key to our growth this year. With WAPSI on board we will be able to span North America building on the support we already have from key retailers on the North Eastern seaboard of the US” 

BUG-BOND is distributed worldwide by WAPSI and Veniard Ltd; 
it is also distributed in Scandinavia by Grayling Dreams

WAPSI will distribute BUG-BOND Original, BUG-BOND Lite & BUG-BOND dispensing Tip-Kits 


imerihotel said...

Unfortunately Dave there aren't any choose to bay in Georgia (Caucasus ,Tbilisi) If you will be so polite to get me know any online shop were I can bay Bug -Bond

Thanks in advance Tamaz Ulumbelashvili Georgia!

David Edwards said...

Tamaz, paste this into your URL bar and it will give you a lot of stockists that can help you... any problem contact me through the contact sheet on the website...