Monday, 5 November 2012

Mario joins the BUG-BOND team.

Mario Malarczuk is the newest member of the BUG-BOND Pro-Tying Team... and is also owner of the shop Marios Fliegendose in Sindelfingen in Germany. 

Mario comes to the team as a prolific fly tyer, tying some fantastic flies and backing this up by catching fish on those flies as well!

This is a little history of Mario...

"I think I caught my first fish 1976 when I was 4 years old.

After some hundred eels, perches and roaches in the following years I had my first contact with a carp.Impressed with its power I spent the next 10 years carp fishing.

In 1992 I bought my first fly rod. A heavy and very soft #8 rod with a none matching fly line. I was living in the north of Germany and no tackle dealer knew anything about fly fishing. I fished in a small lake for pike without any success, but I was now a fly fisher!

1994 I went to university and moved to Marburg at the river Lahn in the middle of Germany. After a few days I caught my first grayling with a dryfly and was completely hooked. I also started directly with fly tying because flies where expensive for a student.

The first try at this small river with a pike fly ended with three fish in two hours. Pike flies where easy to tie because of their size. So I made a lot of them and caught a lot pike. The owner of the local flyshop asked me to tie some flies for him and this was the beginning of my business.

I tied thousands of flies in the next years, sold a lot of them in upcoming ebay and created my first webshop.
Today I specialize in tying streamers for freshwater and saltwater. First I used epoxy for the heads, but I never particularly liked to work with this stuff because the setting was difficult to control. When I heard the first time of a UV product to create the heads of my flies I searched and tested many products to find the perfect material.

I then bought my first bottle of BUG-BOND and the search was over….."

Welcome to the team Mario!

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