Sunday, 23 December 2012

Design Success - Arcticsilver

I do have a tendency to look at products that have a different slant on life and this rod and reel caught my attention... to say it is different is not quite an  understatement... it certainly doesn't look like any other fly rod handle and the way that both the handle and the reel seat are designed they certainly score on different!

So why is it different and what has Robert Selfors and his team set out to achieve... well they have looked at adding more power into the rod... or the same  power but less work to do it. Robert's idea was born out of 2 years of chronic tendonitis and being unable to fish as much as he would like he put his design head on... and he designed a rod handle that would allow the rod to generate more energy with less force by having the blank flex within the handle.

After testing the rod they used indiegogo to launch their funding campaign and 5 days ago they reached (and exceeded) their target. I will look forward with interest to seeing their saltwater rods as they become available!

To find out more about their story... click here

Robert... every best wish for 2013 and much success with the venture!

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