Friday, 7 December 2012

Polish Quills endorses BUG-BOND

Following on from our recent award, Wojtek Gibinski of Polish Quills announced that his hand stripped peacock quills and BUG-BOND is the perfect marriage.

"I've been working a bit on our quills and BUG-BOND. All I can say - the combination exceeded hugely my expectations. The picture presents some of our quill colours under BUG-BOND - not flies, just quill wrapped on a hook by an inexperienced hand- I do think that nymphs built with this combination will be great looking in anyone's box - Polish Quills is working on some quill & BUG-BOND patterns to put on the market somewhere beginning of next year." says Wojtek Gibinski, owner of Polish Quills.

Polish Quills are now distributed by Veniard and the stripped quills with BUG-BOND were a real hit at the Tackle & Guns Show in October. 

Double award winning BUG-BOND is distributed worldwide by both Veniard Ltd (UK) and WAPSI Fly (USA) and in Scandinavia by Grayling Dreams (Sweden).

BUG-BOND Tack Free Performance from 2009

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