Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hywel Morgan - River Patterns DVD

Well a DVD produced by Hywel Morgan hit my desk today... River Patterns... and what a fantastic DVD it is... all the way from tool choice, through thread control and then to 10 killer patterns (two include BUG-BOND - one being the killer egg pattern!).

Here is what they say!

“River fishing can provide some excellent sport on the fly, and if it’s one you’ve tied yourself, then it’s even more rewarding.” - Hywel Morgan

In this instructional DVD join professional fisherman Hywel Morgan behind the vice, as he ties a selection of river patterns that has helped him achieve success in rivers nationwide.

With ten different patterns of dries and bugs to choose from Hywel demonstrates how to create everything from a single salmon egg to a cased caddis. Each tying sequence has been filmed with an extreme close up of the fly allowing you to study the finished article in detail so you can achieve perfection.

For beginners new to this rewarding pastime Hywel has added a section covering all the basics including the equipment, materials and tying techniques. For viewers already familiar with the subject, the interactive menu makes it easy to jump straight to the section of interest and begin tying. With something for all abilities this programme will help you create ‘killer’ patterns making every river fish hooked twice as satisfying.

Available from or Amazon... what a great Christmas stocking filler alongside the BUG-BOND kit!!!

I have one DVD that I will put up for grabs as part of a competition... what this space for details

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