Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sergio Cordoba from Argentina - joins the BUG-BOND Team

It is always a pleasure to invite new people to the BUG-BOND Pro-Tying Team and I am therefore delighted to introduce Sergio Cordoba to you.

During my recent visit to Italy I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Sergio and to spend some time with him and to see his work at first hand. We have corresponded for some time now via the internet - in fact since Sergio was placed second in a realistic fly tying competition organised by Andrés Touceda where I was a both a judge and sponsor of the event. Sergio's talent is undeniable and he is a super nice guy as well!

As you will see from the photos great tying involved great fun and friendship...

Sergio Cordoba

 Andrés and Sergio 

 Deep in discussion with Andrés

 This Damsel was a generous gift from Sergio

 It is all in the detail!

Sergio's attention to detail in his tying is amazing and these are a few words from the great man:

"The great variety of aquatic and terrestrial insects in our rivers in Argentina led me to start to take an interest in the beauty of their physiognomy and their complex structures.

Living close to places which - I believe - are the finest for fly fishing, such as Patagonia, has allowed me to observe plenty of species.

Tying “fishing flies” didn’t seem to be enough, so I decided to find another way of reproducing them.
After seeing creations captured in display cases or images of insects which appeared to be almost alive, I turned unequivocally to realistic fly tying.

Every single fly is a unique undertaking which requires a lot of time to assemble, as I endeavour to reproduce the smallest of details so that they look as real as possible.

I relied on various people as I embarked on this project.  Marcelo Malventano gave me the very first pieces of advice, Adrian García also helped me when I began to publish my work abroad and Andrés Touceda encouraged me to set up my web page (www.elatadorealista.com.ar), lending me his unconditional support.

Finally, I’d like to say that tying a realistic fly requires a lot of patience and time which is why, above all, I must thank my family who have given me so much of theirs and allowed me to produce these flies."

Sergio, thank you for sharing your talents with us all and welcome to the team.

Muchas gracias a mi buen amigo!

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